Choucair Testing


It means being committed to the digital transformation of industries and prove that together we can build a better world through technology, sustainability and innovation, while fulfilling our personal purposes.


We are constantly innovating and growing and that is why we look for new talents in testing, from professionals in training who can learn and be promoted within the company as professionals who complement us and help us grow with each challenge through software testing.

Come on and be part of an extraordinary company, with 20 years in the industry and a friendly philosophy with its employees and the world.

Just because it’s work it doesn’t mean it has to be boring and monotonous, come and challenge yourself with us.

Benefits: direct hiring with all the benefits, indefinite contract, career plan, training and development, KM system, among others.

Are you ready to be part of an Extraordinary Innovative Sustainable  Responsible B corporation? ?

Jobs available

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