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Find in Choucair your strategic partner to succeed in the new digital environment through our Capabilities model for the configuration of services related to business-centric software testing.

Business Centered Software Testing Capabilities

Boost your digital business, achieve the success of your transformation initiatives and as an IT area, become a strategic business partner.

How we do it?

Business-Centric Testing Solutions Portfolio

Digital Performance Management

We support our clients with capabilities to identify, analyze, and correlate behaviors of digital assets under dynamic contexts, which allows them to generate accurate and timely mitigation plans on possible negative impacts on business operations. The identification, analysis and correlation of the behaviors of digital assets are based on the study of the architectural components of software, environments and/or platforms.


We identify throughout the entire software development lifecycle, performance risks that may negatively affect the behavior of your IT solutions, critical transactions or the experience of its end users.  

We verify that your IT solutions or platforms respond with the speed and efficiency expected and aligned with the objectives of your business.  

General Testing

The minimum expected from any application today is that it works properly, for that reason, in Choucair we reduce the probability of occurrence of failures and faults

of the application in production through software testing, avoiding image loss, reprocessing, and higher costs, as well as increasing the probability of success of its correct functioning.

Data Migration

We increase the probability of a successful transfer, avoiding setbacks and duplication of information, reducing costs in data transitions and conversions, verifying, and validating your business rules.

We count on an expert team that can identify complex and integral scenarios that the teams face when performing platform and/or data migrations, in order to achieve the optimal coverage according to the nature of the application.

AFT Accounting and Financial Testing

Through business-centric testing (BCT), we validate and verify that the client’s accounting and financial modeling is in accordance with current accounting regulations; we then validate and verify its correct implementation in the software application(s) so that the accounting information expresses the defined modeling and thus the results will have the accuracy, integrity and reliability to generate peace of mind and confidence to users.

Our tests are performed by professionals with knowledge of accounting, financial, and tax regulations.


Mobile Testing

We increase the prospect of success for your services, products, and/or platforms that are supported in mobile ecosystems, applying the best practices and technologies to provide optimal coverage for the different quality attributes throughout the life cycle of the business idea, from its conception to its adoption.

Software Testing for Business Intelligence 

We integrate the best practices, tools, methodologies and capabilities to optimize your testing processes in Business Intelligence platforms.

Usability Testing

We increase the probability of adoption of your products, services, or platforms so that they meet the expectations of your end-users.

We integrate different strategies, techniques, methodologies, and technologies in Testing, identifying, and evaluating the feelings, behavior patterns and interactions of your end-users concerning the strategic objectives of your products, services or, platforms.

Software Testing Automation

We generate efficiencies in Testing using automation, accompanying your business in the definition, modeling, implementation, and support of its automation processes and test operations.

We achieve this through our team of specialists, enabled with the use of our automation platform, coverage strategies, and ready-to-use devices.

Test Automation for Transactional Switch

We optimize the testing process of your financial transaction platforms, reducing the risk of errors in production, and facilitating frequent deliveries.

We create a testing environment with virtualized components that enables early evaluation of the behavior of transactional services before they are delivered to your end-customers, in terms of the functional, performance, and security standards of these platforms.

Security Testing

Security is a key enabler of digital initiatives both for customers and users and for the organization itself. The adherence to new technologies and changes in processes requires protecting data, platforms, and systems against vulnerabilities and intrusions. In Choucair we demonstrate that the applications that support your business processes are safe, generating tranquility and confidence.


We have a world-class portfolio of certifications and training solutions for learning-by-doing in topics of interest around Business Centric Testing (BCT), which allow you to implement a testing model within your organization or enhance your professional growth.

High Automation

Nowadays, to keep customers and users captive, permanent innovation is required. For this, speed is necessary. That is why with our HDI partner, through its methods and tools we deliver a better “Time to Market” in IT projects, accelerating software testing with High Automation, achieving more quality coverage, more speed, and efficiency: from software-only projects to mechatronic robots in devices (ATMs, Credit Card Terminals, POS, scales, IVR, etc.), positively impacting the business of our customers.

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